working moms carry the load of 
2.5 fulltime jobs

No wonder you feel overloaded! Reduce the amount and pace of your work with this workshop ... Guaranteed!

Take Control of Your Workload with 5 Strategies Leaders Respect


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Noon EST | 9 am PST

During this interactive workshop, I’ll teach you strategies that reduce the amount and pace of your work without overloading your coworkers or signaling to your manager you’re not dedicated.
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If you’re an unbalanced working mom who wants to do your best work to get ahead but can’t get control of your workload and keep your manager happy you NEED this workshop.


If you're experiencing any of the following problems then this workshop is for you:
  • You’re 1 or more months behind in work assignments and struggling to find distraction-free thinking time in your schedule. 
  • You worked multiple evenings and weekends in the past 3 months because of staff turnover which caused you to miss one or more important personal commitments.
  • Poor planning by others regularly creates emergencies for you and you don’t provide feedback about your workload to avoid conflict.
  • ​You’re working on autopilot with little control of how, when, and where you work best and wonder how to make your performance more visible to your manager.
  • You can’t sleep at least once a week because you’re thinking about finding a new job with a more reasonable workload.
  • You work after the kids go to bed or on the weekends and your partner is resentful you don’t have the time or energy for each other. 
  • You get emails or texts during your time off and you respond to show you’re dedicated.
  • You’re worried you haven’t been put on the same level of assignments compared to last year because your manager questions if you can handle the work given your personal commitments.
  • You’re unable to take time off for parent-teacher conferences or field trips even though you can get all your work done.
  • You don’t have a slow season to reprioritize what’s important, fix inefficiencies, and plan for what’s coming next.
  • You’re barely achieving your minimum standards for high-quality work and immediately agree to everyone’s requests so your seen as a team player.
... and there's more but let's end here for now.
Now if you’re experiencing any of the problems listed above, then you're likely making 1 or more these mistakes. You:
  • Have a stack of unused planners hoping they’ll help you fit more in your schedule. If you focus on time management to take control of workload you’re likely unaware that time is a finite resource and cannot expand to get more done. Everyone has exactly 1,440 minutes each day.
  • Don’t work on the most challenging tasks when your mental energy is highest and recover with short breaks guilt-free. Unlike time, energy is a renewable resource. You manage it best by alternating between spending and recovering, and intentionally aligning your work tasks with the amount of energy required to complete them. (For example, complete low priority, routine tasks later in the workday if you typically experience an afternoon slump.)
  • You respond to extra work with emotion or not at all instead of objectively telling your manager how the extra work impacts the priorities you already have. Objective feedback helps you and your manager reprioritize assignments as needed.
  • Want to be seen as a team player so you don’t share how changes at work impact your personal life. Communicating with coworkers about your responsibilities and interests outside of work helps them see you as a whole person and gives them permission to bring their whole selves to work too.
  • Let technology blur the boundaries between work and home so you’re available 24/7 instead of using it to improve efficiencies and communicate in minimally disruptive ways with coworkers. 
  • Accept additional work from your manager and coworkers — regardless of the cost to you — to avoid conflict.
  • Focus on the hours you worked instead of the results of your work. Our work-first culture values employees who show up early, sign off late, and respond while on vacation instead of those who prioritize outcomes, innovation, and efficiency.


In exchange for a small $37 investment, you’ll learn how to …


The thing most working moms don’t understand is you can take control of your workload and still keep your leader's respect (a prerequisite to get ahead).

Just because you want to reduce the amount and pace of your work doesn’t mean you won’t be successful.

That would be like saying the only way to be successful is to constantly work hard. But what about pro athletes? They don’t train every waking minute without scheduling recovery days or other activities that will enhance their physical skills. Or what if you’re preparing to take a big test? You wouldn’t study 12 hours a day to cram as much information as possible. Instead you might apply what you’re learning by talking about it with somebody over coffee. You might also up your workouts to alternate between mental and physical energy expenditures.

You want to take control of how, when, and where you work best so work fits into life (instead of the other way around). And you have time and energy for the people and activities that matter most.

Because putting work first is the worst way to advance your career and boost happiness, health, and fulfillment.

And that’s what I’m going to help you with during this workshop.


Take Control of Your Workload with 
5 Strategies Leaders Respect
LIVE WORKSHOP — Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Noon EST | 9 am PST
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20 Missteps Preventing You from Rebalancing Work + Life and How to Fix Them

35 Ways to Say “No” to Overwork and Still Advance Your Career

50 Ways to Manage Your Energy While Working 

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Sounds amazing, right?

Several years ago, I got really interested in work-life balance — personally and professionally. I was a fulltime working mom raising three kids. My stress was through the roof and my inner voice whispered that my pace wasn’t sustainable. I often felt guilty that no one got the best of me … not my kids, husband, boss, friends, parents, etc.

Trust me.
I didn’t know how to redesign work or family so the each worked better for me. I sacrificed my wellbeing to work and parent. (To be clear, being a mom is undeniably my most treasured role. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!)

I learned the hard way how important it is for professionals to redefine how they work, parent, and achieve financial freedom on their terms.

• I sacrificed career advancement as the default parent and home manager.
• I worked fulltime and cared for my family while suffering from Lyme disease that took years to cure.
• I became a single parent overnight when my 20-year marriage imploded.
• I spent years digging myself out of a deep financial hole.

Now I know better.
I started learning as much as I could to figure out how to do a better job in all my roles. I accepted a job in my employer’s Office of Work, Life and Engagement. Eventually, I got certified as a health and wellness coach so I could integrate my personal and professional experiences — and finally take control of my career.

Rebalance Wellbeing is my coaching business where I share what I learned with overloaded working parents who know there must be a better way. With the hope they avoid some of my mistakes.

Fortunately, I’m now healthy, in a marriage of equals, own my career, and manage my finances to fund my work-life goals and life’s curveballs.

If you want to live your best life — one that doesn’t require you to sacrifice career success or wellbeing — you’re in the right place.

What’s possible for YOU if you start rebalancing work + life on your terms?

Let’s get started!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’ll take all the risk on this.

If you don’t feel Take Control of Your Workload with 5 Stategies Leaders Respect is worth 3 times what you invested, drop me an email within 30 days of attending the workshop and I’ll happily issue you a full refund. No questions asked. Fair enough?
If you're like, YES ... 
I'm ready. Awesome.
Let’s take control of your workload without hurting career advancement!!

(saving you time and energy for life — woohoo!)

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